Who Is Jas?

I’m a super savvy wardrobe stylist & style blogger who helps people like you take your image to the next level!

What Do I Do?

Think of me as your personal shopping fairy God-mother or shopping bestie!  Everyone loves to shop with a companion to get opinions and input on fashion items and that’s what I’m here for.  I love helping everyday people discover who they are through personal style, educational blog posts or other fashion services I provide.  This is a service and it is all about making your life a bit easier!  And simplifying your wardrobe or defining your personal style is definitely a start.  I’m passionate about all things fashion and once you get me going on a fashion topic, be ready to be wowed with loads of information.  I love to be the expert for my clients and really educating them on the essence of style.

I also style for photo shoots and film projects!

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How Did I Get Started?

Blogging started as a fun fashion outlet for me a few years ago.  Later, I decided to follow my passion of wardrobe styling and voila-Style By Jas Nicole was born.  It is now my full time business, my brand, and continuing to grow each year (thanks to your support).

Random Facts About Jas

Name:  Jasmine Nicole Woolfork, but everyone calls me ‘Jas’

Birthday:  August 21 (28 years young)

Location:  Permanent resident of Lorain, OH but can be found in Los Angeles, NY and everywhere in between.

Hobbies:  Blogging, Traveling, Shopping

Favorite Food:  French Fries (please don’t judge me)

Favorite Color:  Pink

What’s Important To Me:  Family & Faith!

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